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Women's Rowing Advances All Five Entries To WIRA Finals

April 28, 2007

Laka Natoma, CA - On the first day of the WIRA Championships of the WIRA Championships at Lake Natoma, the Saint Mary's women's rowing team participated in five events, which included the varsity eight, second varsity eight, novice eight, varsity four and varsity pair. Saint Mary's advanced to the grand finals in both the varsity pair and varsity four, and all three eights advanced to Sunday's petite finals.

In SMC's first event of the day, the varsity eight completed the 2,000-meter race in a time of 6:58.5. Saint Mary's finished fourth in its heat, which was won by UC Davis in a time of 6:47.5. Sacramento State (6:54.1) was second and Loyola Marymount finished one-tenth of a second ahead of the Gaels with a time of 6:58.4. SMC's time was good enough to advance the Gaels to Sunday's varsity eight petite final.

Next on the water for SMC was the novice eight heat, were the Gaels posted a third place finish in their heat. The Gaels' time of 7:31.2 was 12 seconds behind San Diego State and 11 seconds behind Sacramento State. The heat time was eight overall and moved the Gaels into Saturday afternoon's petite final. In the petite final, Saint Mary' completed the 2K race in a time of 7:36.2 to finish second, six seconds behind Santa Clara. The second place petite final finish places the Gaels eight overall in the novice eight competition out of 19 entries.

The second varsity eight heats had Saint Mary's in the first heat. The Gaels posted a time of 7:29.1 and finished fifth in their race, which advanced the Gaels to the petite final on Sunday. Two West Coast Conference schools were in the same heat with the Gaels, as Gonzaga won the heat in a time of 6:56.4 and San Diego posted a time of 7:22.8.

Saint Mary's entered boats in both the varsity four and varsity pair, and both boats advanced to the grand finals on Sunday. With 18 boats entered in the varsity four competition, SMC four posted the second fastest time in the heat races with a time of 7:44.3, which was six seconds off the pace of San Diego. The varsity pair also finished second in its heat with a time of 8:54.7 and advanced to the grand finals on Sunday.

Varsity Eight Boat: Coxswain Kate Shalvoy, Lindsey Anderson, Michelle Grima, Johanna Timmer, Lexi Billo, Jennifer Tyndall, Sierra Timmer, Sandra Pichelli, and Ally Oldfield.

Second Varsity Eight Boat: Coxswain Amber Oosman, Kyla Tom, Jennifer Morrison, Sunsie Haro, Alexia Kilby, Kristine Myhre, Amy Romero, Linzey Simonson, and Ariele Elia.

Novice Eight Boat: Coxswain Desire Lopez, Shannel Benisano, Olivia Haro, Jennifer Hazelwood, Michelle Nenzel, Lacey Olson, Miranda Ripoli, and Tiffany Warner.

Varsity Four Boat: Coxswain Kate Shalvoy, Lindsey Anderson, Johanna Timmer, Sierra Timmer, and Jennifer Tyndall.

Varsity Pair: Michelle Grima and Sandra Pichelli.

2007 Saint Mary's WIRA Championship Results

VARSITY EIGHT HEAT 21 UC Davis 6:47.52 Sacramento State 6:54.13 Loyola Marymount 6:58.44 Saint Mary's 6:58.55 San Diego 7:09.26 UC Irvine 7:17.8

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT HEAT 11 Gonzaga 6:56.42 San Diego State 7:02.13 Western Washington 7:15.54 San Diego 7:22.85 Saint Mary's 7:29.16 Humboldt State 7:35.27 Chapman 8:21.8

NOVICE EIGHT HEAT 31 San Diego State 7:19.82 Sacramento State 7:20.53 Saint Mary's 7:31.24 UC Irvine 7:45.65 Chapman 7:53.26 Pacific 8:00.1

NOVICE EIGHT PETITE FINAL1 Santa Clara 7:30.02 Saint Mary's 7:36.23 UC Irvine 7:36.54 UC Santa Barbara 7:38.55 Orange Coast College 7:41.56 San Diego 7:43.6

VARSITY FOUR HEAT 11 San Diego 7:38.92 Saint Mary's 7:44.33 Portland 8:00.24 Western Washington 8:04.15 Mills College 8:50.96 Portland State 9:15.6

PAIR1 Sacramento State 8:37.22 Saint Mary's 8:54.73 Pacific Lutheran 8:58.04 UC San Diego 9:04.2