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All Three Boats Advance to Petite Finals at Pac-10 Championships

May 14, 2007

Lake Natoma, CA - The Saint Mary's women's rowing team completed its 2006-07 season on Sunday at the Pac-10 Rowing Championships at Lake Natoma. The Gaels competed in three events that included the varsity eight, the second varsity eight and the novice eight. All three boats advanced to the afternoon's petite finals.

Saint Mary's opened the day with the novice eight heat race, completing the 2,000-meter race in a time of 7:48.2 advancing to the petite final in the afternoon. In the petite final, SMC's novice eight finished two second off its morning time with a 7:50.8 finish. SMC finished 10th overall in the novice eight competition and 44 seconds off the pace set by Gonzaga's first place time of 7:06.8.

The second varsity eight was next to take the water, and posted a time of 7:36.5 in its heat race in the morning. In tougher afternoon water conditions, the second varsity eight finished the 2k-race in a time of 7:50.3, which was 57 seconds off the pace of first place California.

In the varsity eight competition, the Gaels posted an 11th place finish, with a petite final time of 7:02.1. The time for the Gaels was 23 seconds off the pace set by USC, which took home the varsity eight gold medal. The Gaels bettered their heat time of 7:08.6 by just over six seconds.

Novice Eight Boat: Coxswain Desire Lopez, Shannel Benisano, Kate Marrocco, Olivia Haro, Michelle Nenzel, Lacey Olson, Miranda Ripoli, Jamie Sullivan and Tiffany Warner.

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Amber Oosman, Kyla Tom, Jennifer Morrison, Kristine Myhre, Whitney Medved, Alexxa Kilby, Sunsie Haro, Amy Romero, and Linzey Simonson.

Varsity Eight: Coxswain Kate Shalvoy, Lindsey Anderson, Michelle Grima, Sandra Pichelli, Johanna Timmer, Sierra Timmer, Jennifer Tyndall, Lexi Billo, and Ally Oldfield.

Saint Mary's Pac-10 Championship ResultsWomen's Varsity 81. USC 6:39.82. Stanford 6:43.33. California 6:44.54. UCLA 6:48.75. Oregon State 6:50.56. Washington 6:55.37. Washington State 6:41.98. Gonzaga 6:44.39. Sacramento State 6:50.110. UC Davis 6:51.211. Saint Mary's 7:02.112. San Diego State 7:18.7

Women's 2nd Varsity 81. California 6:53.12. Washington 6:57.03. USC 6:59.34. UCLA 7:04.55. Oregon State 7:05.56. Washington State 7:11.27. Stanford 6:58.58. UC Davis 7:04.09. Gonzaga 7:04.910. Sacramento State 7:05.911. San Diego State 7:23.712. Saint Mary's 7:50.3

Women's Novice 81. Gonzaga 7:06.82. Washington 7:12.03. UCLA 7:14.04. Washington State 7:25.05. Oregon State 7:27.86. USC 7:33.97. California 7:20.98. UC Davis 7:23.29. Sacramento State 7:38.010. Saint Mary's 7:50.8