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Women's Rowing Sweeps Western Washington

March 18, 2007

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - The Gonzaga University women's rowing team swept Western Washington University, including the featured Blue Cup race, at the 10th annual Blue Cup Women's Rowing Regatta on Sunday at Lake Samish in Bellingham, Wash.

In the featured Blue Cup race, Gonzaga was clocked in at 6:36.57 over the2,000-meter course. Western Washington's time was 6:41.86.

In the victorious Bulldog boat were coxswain Mimi Refruerzo, stroke Nicole Aadland-Lewis, No. 7 Whitney Engle, No. 6 Kelly Steinhaus, No. 5 Jessica Kocarnik, No. 4 Cory Nelson, No. 3 Hanna McClintock, No. 2 Katie Atkins and bow Kelsey Koenig.

It was Gonzaga's eighth victory in 10 Blue Cup confrontations. Western had won the varsity eight race last year in a photo finish on the Zags home course at Silver Lake.

The Blue Cup win completed a Gonzaga sweep of the regatta.

The Bulldogs began the day with a six-length victory in the third varsity eight. They won the second varsity eight race by nearly two lengths and were six lengths ahead in the novice eight run.

Gonzaga will be in action next on Saturday, March 24 when it welcomes Washington State University to its home course of Silver Lake in Medical Lake, Wash.

March 18 Blue Cup Regatta vs. Gonzaga - Bellingham, WA (Lake Samish)

Results:Varsity 8 (Blue Cup) - 1. Gonzaga 6:36.57, 2. Western Washington 6:41.862nd Varsity 8 - 1. Gonzaga 6:51.36, 2. Western Washington 6:56.233rd Varsity 8 - 1. Gonzaga 6:58, 2. Western Washington 7:18Novice 8 - 1. Gonzaga 6:46.34, 2. Western Washington 7:11.14

Gonzaga Lineups:

Varsity 8 - coxswain Mimi Refruerzo, stroke Nicole Aadland-Lewis, No.7 Whitney Engle, No.6 Kelly Steinhaus, No.5 Jessica Kocarnik, No.4 Cory Nelson, No.3 Hanna McClintock, No.2 Katie Atkins, bow Kelsey Koenig

2nd Varsity 8 - coxswain Joan Aubry, stroke Whitney Patrick, No.7 Sierra Tittle, No.6 Teagan Towhey, No.5 Heather Jewell, No.4 Sara Amatuzio, No.3 Julie Smetana, No.2 Alexis Curtright, bow Tricia Ault

3rd Varsity 8 - coxswain Kris Lund, stroke Jennifer Pierce, No.7 Rosalyn Radakovich, No.6 Maria Fussell, No.5 Sophie Bluhm, No.4 Meaghan Davison, No.3 Lana Bowie, No.2 Martha Buttry, bow Elizabeth Phelps

Novice 8 - coxswain Sarah Rotar, stroke Chelsie Eddings, No.7 Alissa Stempson, No.6 Sara Hickman, No.5 Kari Sulenes, No.4 Katherine Krueger, No.3 Liz Moore, No.2 Sam Cekovic, bow Rachel Ross