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Senior Spotlight: Christy Baker

April 21, 2006

Senior Christy Baker has had great success at USD. Baker's contributions in leadership were recognized earlier this year by the Office of Student Affairs for her leadership and contribution to student life at the University of San Diego. She has also been on the Dean's List for her academic achievements.

When asked about why she decided to row, Christy commented, "I joined the rowing team my freshman year. I love the team atmosphere, my coaches, and the athletic determination that this sport requires. I have been an athlete all my life, and crew has been the most physically demanding and mentally stimulating sport."

What are some of your most memorable moments in relation to rowing? "I was awarded Most Valuable Novice and was in a junior varsity boat by the end of my Freshman year. It was a great honor to receive such an award that was voted on by my coaches and teammates. Another fond memory I have comes from my Sophomore year. I was in the Varsity boat that year, which traveled to Philadelphia for the prestigious Dad Vail Regatta. It was at Dad Vails that I really learned about the history of the sport of rowing."

Baker earned her seat again in the Varsity eight her Junior year and was named to the WCC All-Conference Team for her efforts. This year Baker has continued to excel in her leadership as an athlete, being elected Team Captain for the '05-'06 season. This season Baker has been leading her teammates from the front of the boat in stroke pair and is the fastest in that position on the USD Varsity boat in the history of the program.

Baker was able to study abroad during her time at USD. "I studied abroad in Australia so I could get more involved with the surfing community. I had the chance to surf in Fiji on the way home! Going abroad was the best experience of my life. I sculled and trained while I was there, and was really happy to be back with my teammates upon my return. I returned to new teammates and a new coach. I was extremely happy having Coach O'Hara help lead our team to realize its full potential."

Baker, in the front, with her teammates at Dad Vails on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia

When asked about her other interests, Baker smiles and talks about surfing. "I have a very strong passion for surfing. I worked for Surf Diva this past summer here in San Diego, a surf school that focuses its attention on teaching women and children to surf."

When asked about her post-graduation plans, Baker confidently replied, "Last Summer I interned in the editorial department for Surfer Girl Magazine and then advanced into a journalist position where I covered surf competitions, such as the US Open, for their website. I also really enjoyed my time at Surf Diva, and I plan to stay in San Diego after graduation to pursue a career in the surfing industry."

Baker added, "I am overwhelmed by all the things I have learned from rowing at USD, and will take that learning with me when I graduate. I have had the privilege to train with amazing athletes and high-level coaching staff. I have grown into a mature and confident person because of crew."

Christy Baker was born May 29, 1984 in Newport Rhode Island, to Dan and Paula. She has two older siblings, her sister Stacey, and brother, Scott who live in Southern California.

Christy will be graduating this May, earning her Communication degree with an emphasis in media, and a minor in Leadership Studies. She chose USD for its strong academics and to pursue her passion for surfing.