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Championship Weekend for LMU Crew

April 26, 2006

The LMU crew teams head to Lake Natoma for the WCC Championship and the WIRA Championship this weekend. The women's team will look to bring home the WCC title when they compete on Friday, and both teams will challenge for a WIRA Championship on Saturday and Sunday.

WCC Championships - Friday, April 28th

Schedule of Events
12:00pm - Varsity 8
12:20pm - 2nd Varsity 8
12:40pm - Varsity 4

Championship Format
The WCC Championship is based on points for three races- varsity 8, 2nd varsity 8 and varsity 4. The winner of the varsity 8 race is awarded 15 points, 2nd place gets 12 points, etc. The winner of the 2nd varsity 8 race gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 8 points, etc. Finally, the winner of the varsity 4 gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 4 points, etc.

LMU against the WCC in 2006
The LMU women's varsity 8 has not lost to another WCC school this spring. The first time that the Lions faced conference opponents was at the WCC Challenge in Lake Natoma on March 18th. LMU picked up a victory over San Diego in the first race of the weekend, finishing with a time of 6:45.9 while the Toreros were at 6:49.3.

The Lions finished the weekend with a perfect record by winning both of their races on March 29th. The team opened its day by defeating Gonzaga with a time of 6:45.8. The Bulldogs finished at 6:47.1. The team made it a sweep by defeating Saint Mary's by seven seconds, 7:13.6 to 7:20.6.

Last weekend, LMU and San Diego competed in the Miller Cup, but the Lions never faced the Toreros head to head. The varsity 8 boat won its heat, advancing to the Grand Final, while USD competed in the Petite Final. Looking at times, LMU had a 6.5 second advantage over the Toreros in the heats, and finished almost 10 seconds faster in the finals.

History of the WCC Championships
The WCC has been offering a women's rowing conference championship since 1997, and Gonzaga has won the title every year. In 2004, the Lions won the varsity 8 event for the first time, but missed out on the conference title by just one point, finishing with 25 points while Gonzaga had 26. Last season, LMU finished in third place.

Five schools in the conference sponsor women's rowing- LMU, Gonzaga, Saint Mary's, San Diego and Santa Clara.

WIRA Championships - Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th

LMU will have participants in the following events: men's varsity 8, women's varsity 8, men's 2nd varsity 8, women's 2nd varsity 8, men's varsity 4, men's novice 4, and women's novice 4.

The heat schedule for Saturday, April 29th is as follows:
8:00am - Women's Novice 4
8:40am - Men's Novice 4
9:20am - Men's Varsity 8
9:50am - Women's Varsity 8
10:40am - Women's Novice 8
11:30am - Men's Varsity 4
1:20pm - Women's 2nd Varsity 8

Note: There is a final only for Men's 2nd Varsity 8 on Sunday April 30th at 10:40am

Finals Schedule:
Saturday, April 29th
1:40pm - Women's Novice 4 Third Final
1:50pm - Women's Novice 4 Petite Final
2:00pm - Men's Novice 4 Third Final
2:10pm - Men's Novice 4 Petite Final
3:00pm - Women's Novice 8 Third Final
3:10pm - Women's Novice 8 Petite Final
3:20pm - Men's Novice 8 Third Final
3:30pm - Men's Novice 8 Petite Final
4:00pm - Men's Varsity 4 Third Final
4:10pm - Men's Varsity 4 Petite Final

Sunday, April 30th
8:20am - Women's Novice 4 Grand Final
8:30am - Men's Novice 4 Grand Final
9:50am - Men's Varsity 4 Grand Final
10:00am - Women's Novice 8 Grand Final
10:10am - Men's Novice 8 Grand Final
10:20am - Women's 2nd Varsity 8 Petite Final
10:30am - Women's 2nd Varsity 8 Grand Final
10:40am - Men's 2nd Varsity 8 Grand Final
10:50am - Men's Varsity 8 Third Final
11:00am - Women's Varsity 8 Third Final
11:10am - Women's Varsity 8 Petite Final
11:20am - Men's Varsity 8 Petite Final
11:50am - Men's Varsity 8 Grand Final
12:00pm - Women's Varsity 8 Grand Final

LMU at WIRA Championships
LMU has won a WIRA Championship in each of the last three years. Last season, LMU won the Lightweight 4 Championship. In 2003 and 2004, the varsity 8 boat was victorious at the WIRA Championships.

Lake Natoma
All races this weekend are held at Lake Natoma in Sacramento. Directions to get to Lake Natoma can be found here.

Team Notes:

LMU MenThe men's varsity 8 boat is having one of its strongest seasons in recent history. The boat was undefeated in the month of March, defeating six opponents to capture the Parker Cup (defeating San Diego State and UC Irvine) and the Guy Lundberg Memorial Cup (defeating UCLA). In addition, the team was undefeated at the WCC Challenge, defeating Santa Clara by 15 seconds and San Diego by 20 seconds. The Lions advanced to the Grand Final of the Cal Cup at the San Diego Crew Classic, placing 6th in a field of 21. The varsity 8 easily defeated UC Santa Barbara by over 10 seconds. LMU lost its first dual race of the season last weekend, as USC edged LMU by less than two seconds.

Warren Anderson Earns Top Honor
Senior Warren Anderson was named the LMU Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year last week. The award is based on achievements in the athletic venue, the academic venue and within the community. In addition to his success with the team, Anderson also excelled individually. He became the Collegiate World Champion in the 2006 Ergometer race in Boston, placing sixth overall for all men (including the elites).Anderson has done all this while earning a 3.25 grade point average in Biology. He is a teacher's assistant in the 2005-06 school year for both Biology 111 and 112. This past year he has been doing molecular genetic research with Dr. Danciger.Serving his community, Anderson has participated in various volunteer projects throughout his four years at LMU, including as a facilitator for R.C.I.A., Right of Catholic Initiation for Adults.