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Women's Novice Crew Wins Pac-10 Championship

May 14, 2006

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gonzaga University proved it has one of the best Novice rowing programs in the country as the Bulldogs Novice 8+ won the Pacific-10 Championship on Sunday afternoon at Lake Natoma outside of Sacramento. Gonzaga's Varsity 8+ also competed at the annual championships placing 10th overall.

The day started out strong for the women's Novice 8+ as the Bulldogs won their heat race over Washington by 1.5 seconds to be one of three boats from that heat to advance. Gonzaga posted a time of 6:41.30 with the Huskies Novice 8+ running second at 6:43.00. Oregon State was a half second behind Washington at 6:43.50. Washington State, Sonoma State and UC Davis finishing fourth through sixth in the heat.

The Bulldogs established a program first in the Novice 8+ Grand Final defeating Washington by three seconds to capture the school's first Pac-10 rowing title. GU crossed at 6:47.88 with Washington second at 6:50.96. California was five second behind the Huskies for third followed by Oregon State, Sacramento State and Stanford. Gonzaga had won the WIRA Championships in the Novice 8+ category on the same Lake Natoma course just two weeks ago.

"This is a great accomplishment for our program," stated GU head coach Glenn Putyrae. "We have been trying to keep the Novice boat intact all season and this is a great reward for those rowers who stayed in the Novice boat all season despite being good enough to move up to a higher boat. This is one of those steps that really helps built a complete program."

Gonzaga also entered a Varsity 8+ boat in the Pacific-10 Championships with the Bulldogs placing 10th overall. Gonzaga was fifth in its morning heat race which was won by USC with a time of 6:33.70. Washington State was second and Stanford third as all three of those boats advanced to the Grand Final. Oregon State was fourth with Gonzaga fifth at 6:51.9. San Diego State was last.

Gonzaga faced a handful of WCC and WIRA rivals in the Varsity 8+ Petite Final as Oregon State rowed to a three second victory. The Beavers set a mark of 6:42.0 with WCC champion Loyola Marymount second at 6:45.19. WIRA champion Sacramento State was third at 6:45.96 with Gonzaga charging hard for fourth at 6:49.09. San Diego State and Saint Mary's rounded out the Petite Final field.

(Lake Natoma - Sacramento, CA)

1. Gonzaga - 6:41.3
2. Washington - 6:43.0
3. Oregon State - 6:43.5
4. Washington State - 6:45.7
5. Sonoma State - 7:25.7
6. UC Davis - 7:28.8

1. Gonzaga - 6:47.88

2. Washington - 6:50.96
3. California - 6:55.13
4. Oregon State - 6:59.47
5. Sacramento State - 7:09.47
6. Stanford - 7:18.8

1. USC - 6:33.7
2. Washington State - 6:38.1
3. Stanford - 6:40.6
4. Oregon State - 6:43.9
5. Gonzaga - 6:51.9
6. San Diego State - 7:00.1

1. Oregon State - 6:42.0
2. Loyola Marymount - 6:45.19
3. Sacramento State - 6:45.96
4. Gonzaga - 6:49.09
5. San Diego State - 6:51.39
6. Saint Mary's - 6:55.19

Gonzaga Varsity 8+ : Coxswain Erin Palmiter, stroke Kari Durgan, Sarah Allison, Cory Nelson, Jessica Kocarnik, Whitney Patrick, Stephanie Murphy, Nicole Aadland-Lewis and bow Kelsey Koenig.
Gonzaga Novice 8+: Coxswain Lex Lamug, stroke Kelly Steinhaus, Whitney Engle, Rosie Bleymaier, Teagan Towhey, Hanna McClintock, Jana Holcombe, Lauren Rundberg and bow Katie Atkins.