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Bulldogs Set To Host Head of the Spokane

Oct. 18, 2007

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Gonzaga University's men's and women's rowing squads will hit the water for their first outdoor competition of the season Saturday when the Zags welcome Washington State University to the Gonzaga Boathouse near Upriver Dam for the Head of the Spokane. Racing begins at 9 a.m.

It's also Fall Family Weekend at Gonzaga and the Bulldogs will host Class Day Races at the Boathouse on Sunday beginning at 10 a.m.

Director of Rowing and 14th-year men's head coach Dan Gehn and first-year women's head coach Melissa Flint are looking forward to finally getting outside on the water to compete.

"Fall racing is extremely important," stated Gehn. "We use it as a marker, a snap shot of where we are at. We are looking at our boat movement, our endurance and our technical skills. It is a very competitive racing experience."

Newly appointed Flint has a similar feeling about the weekend and fall racing.

"We are extremely excited for this weekend, along with all the fall events," said Flint. "It gives us an opportunity to see where we are at and what we still need to work on. It is a great motivator going into winter training and spring racing."

Both teams had strong seasons in 2007. The Bulldog women captured their 10th West Coast Conference Championship, third WIRA Championship along with defeating Washington State for the first time in ten years to win the Fawley Cup. The Gonzaga novice 8+ finished the season undefeated for the second season in a row, earning victories at the Fawley Cup, Knecht Cup, NCRC Invitational, WCC Championships, WIRA Championships and at the Pacific-10 Conference Championship; its second-straight Pac-10 title.

The Zag men finished fourth in the nation for the second-straight season in the Varsity 4+ at the IRA Championships, while the Varsity 4- earned a ninth place finish. Gonzaga also captured a first place finish and two second place finishes at the WIRA Championships. Another highlight of the 2007 campaign was GU's recapturing the Fawley Cup after defeating Washington State. The Bulldogs have now won 17 out of the last 18 races against the Cougars.

As is the case with races at Upriver Dam, racing is done in flights with boats sent off the start line at intervals. Placing is determined by time after all the boats in a class have crossed the finish line. But in a change from past years, boats will be sent down the river at shorter intervals, and there will be less time between flights. The first flight begins at 9:00 a.m. with the last flight to begin down the river at 10:30 a.m.


9 a.m.
No.       Boat
1.         GU WV8
2.         WSU WV8
3.         GU W2V8
4.         WSU W2V8
5.         GU WN8
6.         WSU WN8
7.         GU W2N8
8.         WSU W2N8
9.         CD'A WM4+ A

9:30 a.m.
No.       Boat

10.        GU MV8
11.        WSU MV8
12.        GU MJV8
13.        WSU MJV8
14.        GU MN8A
15.        WSU MN8A
16.        GU MN8B
17.        WSU MN8B
18.        CD'A MM4+
19.        GU Alum 2-

10 a.m.
No.       Boat

20         CD'A Jr. 1x
21.        CD'A Jr. 2x
22.        CD'A Jr. 8+
23.        CD'A WM4+ B
24.        Webster 1x
25.        Galow 1x
26.        Drake  1x
27.        Mann-King 1x

10:30 a.m.
No.       Boat

28.        GU W3V8
29.        WSU W3V8
30.        GU W4V8
31.        WSU W4V8
32.        GU MN8B
33.        WSU MN8B
34.        GU W3N8
35.        WSU W3N8
36.        GU WBN8
37.        CD'A MW 2x
28.        CD'A MM 2x

Direction to Gonzaga Boathouse

From Gonzaga University
Get on Hamilton Road heading South
Take a left on Trent heading East
Follow Trent about four miles to Park Road
Take a left on Park Road heading North
Follow Park Road North until it ends at the river
Go left one block and thru the gates to boat house
Once through the gates follow gravel road until you reach the boat house.

From I-90 from West
Exit on 282 (Trent/Hamilton Exit)
At bottom of exit take a right onto Trent
Follow instructions above once on Trent

From I-90 from East
Exit on 287 (Argonne Exit)
Head North on Argonne towards Mt. Spokane Park
Follow through four stop lights until you reach Trent
Take a left on Trent and follow about two miles
Take a right on Park Road heading North
Follow Park Road North until it ends at the river
Go left one block and thru the gates to boat house
Once through the gates follow gravel road until you reach the boat house.