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Q & A With Women's Rower Hanna McClintock

Nov. 1, 2007

Q - How did you get into rowing?
A - My senior year of high school, my grandfather suggested I try rowing since rowers had big shoulders. Six months later I was at orientation at Gonzaga and was approached multiple times by coaches and team members. With my parents encouragement I decided to give it a try. It was unlike any other sport I had competed in and the adjustment was difficult, but my first season was incredible.

Q - Is it hard to balance sports and school?
A - I find it helpful to participate in athletics and school because of the time management that is crucial in both areas. They each hold me accountable to the other.

Q - Where do you travel?
A - The team travels to Sacramento, Seattle, Pullman, the East Coast, University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Bellingham in Washington, and Oregon State University.

Q - Does the team do anything outside of practice?
A - There are tons of activities we do together as a team. Outings to Greenbluff, the local orchard, BBQ's, movie nights, and team dinners.

Q - How has your fall season been so far?
A - The fall season has been challenging and very successful. For our first race this fall it was great to see the improvements we had made in just one year. We have set our goals for the spring season and now we have to work hard to achieve them. It is challenging, but we all want the same thing and can trust that we are all putting the same amount of hard work into our goals. The Varsity 8's race in Sacramento at Head of the American was a success - it is reassuring to see that our work is paying off and the atmosphere is incredible too. It's always fun to remind our competitors that we've come to compete and we are serious. We arrive. We medal. We leave.