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San Diego Women's Soccer Helps Children in Africa

June 24, 2009

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The University of San Diego head women's soccer coach Ada Greenwood, senior defender Natalie Vinti and senior midfielder Christine Mock participated in helping the Kick for Hope foundation raise money for 173 children in Africa.

Greenwood, Vinti and Mock all helped with 40 kids at a soccer clinic and each family who participated in the clinic donated $25 for the Clinic and all of the proceeds went directly to the Kick for Hope campaign. Thanks to their efforts, 173 children receive water for 5 years, malaria nets and aids education.

"I feel this is very simple way to make a difference and give so much to the young children of Africa who are not so fortunate in today's world," stated Greenwood. "We will be working with Kristen Chandler and Abel Martinez the founders of Kick for Hope again soon in the near future to increase the awareness throughout the San Diego community and raise more money to help the Children of Africa."

Kick for hope is a charity established to host competitive youth soccer tournaments to benefit those children whose lives are ravaged by poverty and disease. Their goal is to fund kick for hope tournaments through corporate sponsorships and special events so that 100% of each team's entry fee is distributed to charity to help those in need.

Courtesy of University of San Diego Sports Information