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USF Seniors Reflect On Their Time At USF

Nov. 7, 2006

(San Francisco, CA) - Three of the Women's Soccer Dons spoke with USFDons.com about their time on the Hilltop and their plans for the future.

What are some of your best memories from USF soccer?

Chelsea Hunt: I have some great memories from just being with the team. They are all my best friends and they have definitely made my soccer experience so memorable. As for memories in the games, one would be beating San Diego last year in overtime. Also, when we scored against the University of North Carolina. There are many others as well, but these two stand out in my mind the most.

Hilary Fisher: The best memories from soccer are tying Portland this year and beating USD last year. Both games were big wins for our team because before them we were at low points for the season.

Anne Guina: Some of my best memories are the games, not necessarily winning, but when we played as a cohesive unit. Last year was my first year with the team since I came as a transfer, and our trip to Tahoe was so much fun. We did a lot of stuff involving team bonding activities, and I grew really close with a lot of the girls. I will never forget the ridiculous skits that were put on not only by the players, but the coaches as well. This year we went to Monterrey, although it was not like our trip to Tahoe, the freshman put on a great skit, it was hilarious. I have some great memories of going out to dinner or just hanging out with my teammates outside of soccer practice, and I will never forget all of these girls because they have become my best friends.

What will you miss the most?

Hunt: I will miss just being part of the team. We have had so many fun times at practice and in the games, and I will miss being a part of that. I will also miss playing those Friday night games under the lights and being able to play for my school.

Fisher: What I will miss the most are the girls. They have been great teammates but great friends as well.

Guina: What I will miss most will be my teammates and playing for and representing USF. I will miss the concept of playing for my school, the crowds at the games, waving to the fans, and telling my friends who couldn't come, that we beat Pepperdine yet again!

What have you learned (from coaches, teammates) that you will take away with you?

Hunt: The biggest thing that I have learned is just how fortunate that I have been to play at this level and knowing that in the future, looking back, that I have no regrets. I have truly been blessed to play with these people and to be able to see them all everyday. I really don't believe people from other schools can say that about their team and coaches.

Fisher: Commitment, patience, and hard work are all needed to succeed.

Guina: I have learned a lot in my two years with the team, especially that you can only control yourself. Take care of what you can do, and don't get upset with the decisions of your coaches or teammates, because nobody can control their decisions but themselves. I also learned that I was participating and playing with a very unique team, like I never have in the past. The more time our team spent together, the better friends we all became. I have never played with a team where all of the girls got along. Sure, some girls are better friends with certain people, but there are no conflicts so drastic where players would consider their teammates intolerable. We all hangout outside of practice and games, and we all get along. I never imagined 28 girls who spent so much time together wouldn't fight.

What are your plans after graduation? Do you intend to stay in soccer or pursue other avenues?

Hunt: After graduation I am hoping to get a job in the marketing field. I have a couple of options lined up, so hopefully one of those will work out. I am also going to play with the Sacramento Storm, which is a semi-pro team that plays in the WPSL league. The WUSA (women's professional league) is hopefully going to start back up in 2008, so I am going to pursue that and see how far I can go in soccer. Even thought this is the end of my college career, I know this is not the end of my soccer career.

Fisher: I have no idea, really. I will not continue to play soccer and plan to pursue other avenues...we'll see where the wind takes me.

Guina: After graduation I plan on working as a high school teacher, probably starting off as a sub. I would also like to coach soccer, high school or club, since I had coached two high school seasons and three club teams before moving to San Francisco, but haven't been able to have enough time since I have been here. I want to go to grad school and get my masters and I would love to teach at the college level. I will continue playing soccer with the San Francisco Nighthawks; I have played with them for 3 years, and plan on staying in San Francisco for a while.

Congratulations ladies on your college soccer careers, and good luck in your future!