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Young Squad Drops Season-Opener

Oct. 17, 2004

San Diego, Calif. - A young Loyola Marymount swimming squad dropped its dual with San Diego State (1-0) Saturday 53-19 in the opener for both schools at SDSU's Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center. The Lions (0-1) opened the 2004-05 campaign with 14 newcomers who made their collegiate debut on the road.

With each event being a relay event, the top LMU team in each event consisted of at least one newcomer.

The young Lions will look to rebound next Saturday at Cal Poly.


Final Score: San Diego State 53, Loyola Marymount 19

200 Medley Relay
1. SDSU (Davis, Hnyda, Karoly, Binek) 1:52.112. SDSU (Peters, Arrow, Schmied, Friedhoff) 1:52.723. LMU (Luciano, Finley, Royal, Hicks) 1:54.144. SDSU (Conte, Smith, O'Neil, Denaro) 1:54.805. LMU (McKay, Horton, Mathewson, Kelly) 2:00.006. LMU (Dunn, Gerahty, Kruk, Mooers) 2:00.817. LMU (Maryatt, Black, Bannerman, Rabadam) 2:06.20

3x100 Butterfly Relay
1. SDSU (Schmied, O'Neill, Karoly) 2:59.022. LMU (Samuels, Melconian, Brophy) 3:03.153. SDSU (Binek, Chambers, Friedhoff) 3:03.27

3x100 Backstroke Relay1. SDSU (Davis, Smith, Peters) 3:03.532. SDSU (Conte, O'Neill, Karoly) 3:07.133. LMU (Royal, McKay, Dunn) 3:10.094. LMU (Maryatt, Kruk, Sheehan) 3:21.98

x100 Breaststroke Relay
1. SDSU (Hnyda, Smith Arrow) 3:29.372. LMU (Finley, Gerahty, Magura) 3:34.093. SDSU (Chambers, Bricker, Davis) 3:37.064. LMU (Horton, McCarville, Black) 3:58.16

200 Freestyle Relay
1. SDSU (Binek, Peters, Conte, Friedhoff) 1:40.572. LMU (Luciano, Diamond, Brophy, Hicks) 1:43.053. SDSU O'Neill, Parker, Mackall, Chambers) 1:46.454. LMU (Gore, Kelly, Mooers, Matthews) 1:48.435. LMU (Maryatt, Sheehan, Horn, Boston) 1:49.946. SDSU (Hnyda, Arrrow, Bricker, Denaro) 1:50.11

3x100 Individual Medley Relay
1. SDSU (Karoly, Smith, Schmied) 3:08.462. LMU (Samuels, Magura, Dunn) 3:11.693. LMU (Finley, Gerahty, Royal) 3:18.834. SDSU (Hnyda, Bricker, Davis) 3:18.885. SDSU (Denaro, Arrow, Parker) 3:27.686. LMU (Horton, Kruk, McCarville) 3:35.09

500 Free Relay (50-100-150-200)
1. SDSU (Binek, Conte, Schmied, Friedhoff) 4:43.022. LMU (Diamond, Hicks, McKay, Brophy) 4:49.643. SDSU (Peters, Bricker, Chambers, Parker) 4:52.464. LMU (Boston, Rabadam, Matthews, Melconian) 5:01.445. LMU (Black, Mooers, Sheehan, Gore) 5:01.546. LMU (Bannerman, Horn, Kelly, Luciano) 5:15.29

8x25 Free Relay
1. SDSU (Binek, Chambers, Denaro, Brinich, Schmied, Peters, Conte, Friedhoff) 1:34.212. LMU (Brophy, Hicks, Magura, Luciano, Diamond, Samuels, Gerahty, McKay) 1:36.103. SDSU (Smith, Mackall, Bricker, Arrow, Davis, Hnyda, O'Neill, Parker) 1:40.874. LMU (Matthews, Finley, Horn, Mooers, Rabadam, Maryatt, Horton, McCarville) 1:42.265. LMU (Royal, Dunn, Bannerman, Boston, Melconian, Kelly, Tungland, Gore) 1:42.85