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Northern Arizona Takes Win From San Diego

Dec. 18, 2006

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The University of San Diego swimming and diving team hosted the Palm Tree Invitational Relay Meet against the Northern Arizona University, falling to the Lumberjacks in a 49-36 loss this past weekend.

Of the five relay events, San Diego picked up first place wins in the 450 yard butterfly and the 450 yard backstroke. Despite only picking up two first place wins, the Toreros still had a chance to win in the final event with a first and third place finish. However, NAU took first place in the 8x25 freestyle event.

The USD "A" squad that swam in the 450 backstroke to a first place finish (Aileen Fedrick, Brittany Cramer, Kristen Yoon) finished in a time of 4:52.95. The USD "A" squad that swam in the 450 butterfly relay (Joy Miller, Shala VanGerpen, Meghan Peter) finished in a time of 4:49.47 for a first place finish.

The USD "A" squad in the 450 breaststroke finished second (Kristina Levesque, Michon Affinito, Meghan Peter) in a time of 5:34.40. Another second place finish came from the USD "A" squad in the 8x25 freestyle relay (Kristina Levesque, Jenifer Leopold, Shala VanGerpen, Erin Voyles, Claire Altenau, Leslie Culver, Sarah Gleason, Kristen Yoon) with a time of 1:35.36.

The Toreros break for the holidays and return to the pool on January 5 when they host Boise State and Air Force.