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Women's Tennis Opens Season

Jan. 13, 2007

Berkeley, CA - The Saint Mary's women's tennis team opened their season on Friday with singles matches against California and doubles matches against Fresno State. The weekends `hidden dual' match-ups feature matches against No. 11 Cal, No. 21 Fresno State and Cal Poly.

These matches also welcomed twin sisters Femke and Nienke Strybis to collegiate tennis. The two responded in an impressive fashion. Not only did the sisters team up to be victorious in their doubles match, but in singles play Femke managed to knock off the No. 14 ranked singles player in the country Nina Henkel.

Reigning WCC Freshman of the Year Erin Young played a good match but eventually fell short to Cal's No. 34 Marion Ravelojaona in a 7-5, 6-4 thriller.

Below are the match results for all matches played at the Cal women's Winter invitational on Friday,  January 12, 2007 at the Berkeley Campus.

ITA Singles -- Round Robin 1CAL Suzi Babos d. SM Jessica Hoath 6-0;6-1CAL Suzi Fodor d. SM Aude Lambert 6-4;6-0SM Femke Strijbis d. CAL Nina Henkel 1-6;6-1;7-6(5)CAL Mar. Ravelojaona d. SM Erin Young 7-5;6-4CAL Stephanie Kusano d. SM Stef Ordoveza 6-2;6-1CAL Cristina Visico d. SM Feline Charlot 6-2;6-0CAL Bojana Bobusic d. SM Nienke Strijbis 6-3;6-3CAL Claire Ilcinkas d. SM Caitlin Aloia 6-1;6-2FS Amanda Griffin d. SM Kathryn Malec 6-3;6-2FS Melanie Gloria d. CP Carol Erickson 6-2;6-2FS Renata Kucerkova d. CP Brittany Blalock 6-3;6-0FS AnastasPetukhova d. CP Steffi Wong 6-3;6-2FS Danon Beatty d. CP Diane Filip 6-1;6-0FS Bruna Paes d. CP Maria Malec 6-4;6-7(9);1-0(10-8)FS Vanessa Heroux d. CP Devin Peek 6-4;6-1

ITA Doubles -- Round Robin 1CAL Suzi Babos - CAL Suzi Fodor d. CP Carol Erickson - CP Steffi Wong 8-4CP Brittany Blalock - CP Diane Filip d. CAL Nina Henkel - CAL Stephanie Kusano 8-5CAL Bojana Bobusic - CAL Mar. Ravelojaona d. CP Devin Peek - CP Maria Malec 8-3CAL Claire Ilcinkas - CAL Cristina Visico d. SM Caitlin Aloia - SM Feline Charlot 8-3FS Bruna Paes - FS Danon Beatty d. SM Erin Young - SM Stef Ordoveza 8-1SM Femke Strijbis - SM Nienke Strijbis d. FS Melanie Gloria - FS Vanessa Heroux 8-4FS AnastasPetukhova - FS Renata Kucerkova d. SM Aude Lambert - SM Jessica Hoath 8-6