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Dons Fall 5-2 to St. Mary's in Women's Tennis

April 10, 2006

USF took an early lead by winning the doubles point, but struggled in singles and fell 5-2 to St. Mary's on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Golden Gate Park.

Wins by the teams of Camille Pamart/Joana Macedo and Mylene Martin/Sarah Oudomzilay earned USF the doubles point to give USF an early lead in the rain-delayed match.

Mylene Martin earned the only singles win for USF while Aude Lambert, Jessica Hoath, Erin Young and Stef Ordoveza recorded wins for the visitors.

Saint Mary's 5, San Francisco 2

Doubles1. SMC Lambert/Hoath l. Camille Pamart/Joana Macedo 8-62. SMC Harden/Charlot l. Mylene Martin/Sarah Oudomvilay 8-33. SMC Ordoveza/Young def. Kelly Hickey/ Lauren Hickey 8-2

Singles1. SMC Aude Lambert def. Cassy Fabiani 6-0, 6-42. SMC Jessica Hoath def. Camille Pamart 6-3, 6-23. SMC Kate Harden def. Emma Taylor 6-3, 2-6, 6-24. USF Erin Young def. Joana Macedo 6-3, 6-35. SMC Mylene Martin def. Kristin Kummer 6-4, 7-56. SMC Stef Ordoveza def. Sarah Oudomvilay 6-4, 6-4