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San Francisco/Saint Mary's Quotes

April 21, 2006

Saint Mary's Head Coach Lisa Alipaz

Opening comments:Obviously it was a battle. Both teams knew it was going to be a battle, start to finish. I'm really proud of my girls for showing so much heart. I don't think the match could have gotten any closer. It was a fantastic effort.

On the effect of playing singles first in the match:It's definitely trickier, as both teams are used to playing doubles first, but I think both teams have to make the adjustments so I don't think it gave one side an advantage over another. It's definitely an adjustment to be made.

San Francisco Head Coach Hilary Somers

Opening comments:I thought it was a great match, a great fight all the way around. Unfortunately one team has to lose. I think they all put it out there, on every single shot, my whole team. They ran down every ball, played every point with a lot of respect. That's all I can ask for. It didn't go our way, but they fought.

On what she'll tell her team after such a tough loss:I think right now, thye want to get over the loss. I have no doubt they will definitely be ready to go come tomorrow. They will be fired up from this loss and even losing today, they have a lot of confidence that they can still do really well. They have been working hard all season and I have no doubt they will come out and be fired up tomorrow.

1. Lambert (SMC) def. Pamart (USF), 6-2, 6-22. Taylor (USF) def. Hoath (SMC), 2-6, 6-1, 6-43. Harden (SMC) def. Fabiani (USF), 6-2, 3-6, 7-54. Young (SMC) def. Sperry (USF), 7-5. 6-45. Martin (USF) def. Kummer (SMC), 6-2, 6-26. Ordoveza (SMC) def. Oudomvilay (USF), 3-6, 6-1, 6-4

1. Pamart/Macedo (USF) vs. Lambert/Hoath (SMC), DNC2. Taylor/Sperry (USF) vs. Harden/Charlot (SMC), DNC3. Martin/Oudomvilay (USF) vs. Ordoveza/Young (SMC), DNC