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Lions #2 in WCC

April 23, 2006

Santa Clara, Calif.

The Loyola Marymount women's tennis team competed for the West Coast Conference title today for the second time in five years. The 67-th ranked Lions defeated 56th-ranked San Diego 4-2 Saturday in order to advance to the finals. LMU fell to the 13th-ranked Pepperdine 4-0 in the WCC Finals at Santa Clara University.

Pavla Mesterova and Robyn Baker were on their way to winning the doubles match at the number one spot when their match was called. Mesterova and Baker were leading 7-2 in the first set against 20th-ranked Sylvia Kosakowski and Merve Asimgil.

LMU Head Coach Jamie Sanchez commented, "It was another close match at number three doubles that did not go our way. Unfortunately, Pepperdine pulled away at four all." Sladjana Kos and Maja Sundac took on Natalie Braverman and Caroline Raba of Pepperdine. The 8-4 win went to the waves in a tight match.

At the number one spot in singles play, Pavla Mesterova took the first set 6-2 from 24th-ranked Bianca Dulgheru. In the second set Mesterova was leading 3-2 and was on her way to defeating another ranked player when the match was called.

At number two singles, Robyn Baker's match was also due to the format of the match. Baker was competing against 59-th ranked Sylvia Kosakowski."Sladjana Kos was injured prior to starting the match, we thought she might have to retire due to injury and unfortunately she did" said Sanchez. Also, at the number six singles spot Erin Ivey was up in the third set against Lise Sissler of Pepperdine when the match was called.

"We competed against a very good Pepperdine team today. We knew we had to be at 110% to defeat them and we weren't," said Sanchez, "but by all means, getting to the finals was a major accomplishment in itself."

"The West Coast Conference Championships ends a stellar career for LMU senior LMU Patrycia Hubl," Sanchez says. "Patrycia is one of reasons why were in the finals."


Championship - Pepperdine 4, Loyola Marymount 0


1. Bianca Dulgheru (PEP) vs. Pavla Mesterova (LMU), DNF
2. Sylvia Kosakowski (PEP) vs. Robyn Baker (LMU), DNF
3. Caroline Raba (PEP) def. Sladjana Kos (LMU), 6-3, 2-0 (ret. inj.)
4. Natalie Braverman (PEP) def. Patrycia Hubl (LMU), 6-2, 6-0
5. Eva Dickes (PEP) def. Maja Sundac (LMU), 6-4, 6-1
6. Lise Sissler (PEP) vs. Erin Ivey (LMU), DNF


1. Kosakowski/Asimgil (PEP) vs. Mesterova/Baker (LMU), DNF
2. Dulgheru/Dickes (PEP) def. Hubl/Ivey (LMU), 8-2
3. Braverman/Raba (PEP) def. Kos/Sundac (LMU), 8-4