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USF Women's Tennis Update

Jan. 30, 2007

Against Long Beach State - A serious battle with the #29 ranked team in the nation. After getting swept in all three doubles matches the Dons came back to rally and fell a bit short, but won two singles matches as Joana Macedo cruised at the #6 position and Mylene Martin won a three set grind at #3. Camille Pamart lost a close three setter at #2 and Jenny Sperry was broken just once in each of her sets for a close loss at #4. The match was a tough one for the first match of the season but it gave us confidence that we can play at this level with the top 30 teams in the country. It was a very solid performance for our first match of the year.

Against UC Irvine - It was a tough and disappointing day after playing so well the day before. We came out flat. We got a huge win at #1 doubles from Pamart and Martin, but couldn't get another doubles win to capture the point. After putting so much mentally and physically into the match the night before it was tough to bounce back and play the following morning. It showed us our stamina, both physically and mentally, needs to improve so we can bounce back and recover a bit quicker.

Against Cal State Fullerton - Day #3 - The girls put everything they had into it for a solid 5-2 victory. We swept the doubles and had convincing wins with #3 Mylene Martin, #4 Jenny Sperry, #5 Sarah Oudomvilay, and #6 Joana Macedo. We were really focused and put it all out there and achieved our three goals of supporting each other, competing hard, and no excuses. It worked.

It was a lot of tennis for our first weekend of competition. It really showed each player what they individually need to work on to get better and be ready for their next match.

Player's Corner - (Joana's take on the weekend, who by the way, went 3-0 in singles)

We flew back to SF with a sweet & bitter taste of victory. I say sweet & bitter taste of victory because I saw how we competed down there. Even our defeats had some special and hidden taste of victory! Against Long Beach there was no easy match. We could just feel and see our commitment, we were eager for the win and gave the best we could but it didn't go our way. The second day against Irvine it felt as if we had not managed our energy and heart and had given it all the day before. On the third and final day cheering was the word of the day...and it was just great to hear "GO DONS" each time we won a set!!...point by point we fought,...and when we closed the final day of the trip with a victory we kept in mind that each match we are climbing a step to arrive strong and focused at WCC's in April.

Amazing support from the Taylor family and good old Flubba, our mascot dog. The Taylors not only came to all three matches but were so generous in hosting us at their hotel in Anaheim. We truly appreciate their hospitality. Jeff Williams, our former assistant coach, was there supporting the Dons and letting them know what "fine student athletes they are."

What's on Tap?
UOP @ UOP - Sunday, Feb 11th, first serve slated for 1 pm .First home match on February 18th against the Zags at 11 am at GG Park! Don't miss this.9 home matches to follow in March!

Drop Shots
The Coaches and Student-Athletes of the University of San Francisco Women's Tennis Team would like to thank all of you who attended the First Annual Women's Tennis Fundraiser. There were many special memories from a night filled with friends, family, alums and our current team. Each student-athlete did a memorable job speaking about their special experience at USF so far and thanked everyone in attendance for their support.

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