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Coach Hilary Somers Reviews WCC's and Tennis Season

April 25, 2006

The first day of the tournament we battled Saint Mary's, starting off with singles, due to unsettled weather. It was quite an intense fight.

We had our chances in the singles to both win the match or to at least send it into doubles to decide it. We just couldn't pull off the matches. We had a great win from Emma Taylor at #2 singles, as she beat a player she had lost two two times previously this season. And of course, Mylene Martin, pulled off another great win. We just needed one more match to get to the doubles to decide the match.

Sperry lost a close 7-5, 7-5 singles battle and Fabiani and Oudomvilay both lost in three close sets. It was probably the toughest loss I have had while coaching. It was heartbreaking as we were so close to winning, yet the girls really put themselves out there and played the best tennis they could. What more can you ask for? It was an example of a day where tennis really can come down to just a few points.

We rebounded from the loss to play Gonzaga the next morning and finished them off easily with a 4-0 win, winning the doubles point and then getting solid victories from Sperry, Martin, and Oudomvilay at #'s 4-6 respectively.

Playing for fifth place Sunday morning, we snuck by Portland with a 4-1 victory, but it was a tad closer and stressful than we had hoped. After beating them earlier in the year 7-0, I knew they were going to be out for us and really go for it. We clinched the doubles point and then won at #1 with a great day from Camille Pamart, at #5 with a routine win from Mylene Martin, and then Jenny Sperry came up with the huge last point with a close singles win going 7- 6 in the second set.

Wow! What a fan base we had this past weekend. The support was unbelievable and we truly appreciated it. Thank you.

One final important note, Freshman freckled face Mylene Martin, went undefeated at the #5 singles position ALL SEASON with a 20-0 record. She is a fiery competitor, whether at tennis or even ping pong, who is setting a high standard in the record books at USF.

It was a great season all around for the Lady Dons tennis team. The players made a real commitment to their tennis and conditioning all season. We are excited to build on this next year as the Lady Dons continue their quest to move up the ranks in the West Coast Conference.