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Five Questions with Kristin Hasselberg from Somosvoley.com (Argentina)

May 31, 2007

Five Questions with Kristin Hasselberg from somosvoley.com (Argentina)As Translated by USF Assistant Coach Dan Fisher

Junior outside hitter Kristin Hasselberg was interviewed by somosvoley.com, a national Argentina website devoted to covering the extremely popular sport of volleyball. Links to the full article is at the end along with a link to a photo gallery containing images of Hasselberg and Dons teammate Linzy Kearney.

Q. What does this tour to Argentina mean to your team?

A: It's an opportunity to gain international experience against a top team from an international league.

Q: What is it that you have learned most from this tour?

A: I'm learning every day to play with new people. This tour, for example, I've played with brand new teammates for the first time. I also am learning to play in different situations with a lot of fan support. It has been a great experience to play in front of enthusiastic fans of volleyball.

Q: What do you like about Argentina?

A: I have really liked competing against the international teams. They play with a lot of emotion and play hard. We have been very well received in every city we have played. I am excited about the opportunity to come all the way from the United States to play volleyball against tough competition.

Q: What are the objectives of the training during the tour?

A: The objective is to play against outstanding players in Argentina and to play with strong collegiate players from top collegiate programs. Also it's a chance to practice and play for coaches from other schools.

Q: Why Argentina?

A: The team has come here for the last three summers, but we also played in Prague (Czech Republic), Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. I have come back to Argentina because I want to become a professional player and here there are a lot of professional coaches who work with teams throughout Europe and South America. I complete my college career in December and want to sign with a professional team after I am done at the University of San Francisco.

Link to a photo gallery featuring USF players Kristin Hasselberg and Linzy Kearney:http://www.somosvoley.com/galeria/Argentina-vs-USA-Team?page=1

Link to the complete article from somovoley.com (in Spanish):http://www.somosvoley.com/noticias/muestra_nota.php?categoria=categoria_Entrevistas&id=268