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McKeon Pavilion Remodeled for the 2006-07 Season.

Aug. 7, 2006

Moraga, CA - McKeon Pavilion is currently being remodeled for the upcoming 2006-07 season. McKeon Pavilion is home to the volleyball, men's basketball and women's basketball teams.

The majority of renovations concentrate on the seating. The bleacher seats, which were installed for McKeon's inaugural year of 1978, are at the heart of the renovations. For starters, the bleacher seats behind the player's benches are being replaced by permanent chair-back seats. The student section of the bleachers will now feature navy blue Perma-Cap over the bleacher seating.

The VIP section has also received a new look. Along with the area being re-carpeted, the VIP section will feature reupholstered seats.

McKeon's new look will also feature a banner that will separate the upper and lower sections and feature the Saint Mary College logo.

The renovations will be completed in time for the Volleyball home opener. Come see McKeon Pavilion's new look and cheer on Gaels as they face the Sacramento State Hornets on Saturday, September 23 at 7:05 p.m.