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The Champion Within: Saint Mary's Taylor Groess

Sept. 5, 2008

What are some things you have done over the summer to prepare for the season?

TG: This is the first time all of us on the team came back early, June 22, and we were doing open gyms all of June, coaching open camps, lifting, and basically all being there all together. It was good to keep the whole team together.

What are some personal/team goals you have for this year?

TG: Our team goal is always to win the WCC, which is our main focus right now. I just want to do whatever I can to help the team win.

Do you have any athletic/career plans after you graduate?

TG: I'm in a teaching program, so I'm planning on being an elementary school teacher after college. I haven't really thought about playing after college much, just want to focus on teaching.

Are there any newcomers you are looking forward to working with?

TG: We returned everyone from last year, plus we have two new players and they are both really good. One of them, Chanteal Satele, is an outside and right side hitter who can play both and a setter, Missy White.

Any changes in your role as a senior?

TG: Nothing really changes. Everyone is pretty equal on the team. Freshmen are not treated any differently than seniors are. Everyone has their own spot on the team.

What is the best thing about your game?

TG: I would have to say hitting. I've played outside, middle, and right side hitter, so I've played all over the place.

Anything you feel you need to work on?

TG: I would like to work on my blocking game.

What is your favorite away campus/arena to play in?

TG: I was really to play in Hawaii last spring, and now we get to go back. We actually have one of our pre-season tournaments there and I hear it's an amazing place to play because of all the sellout crowds every time. The fans over there just like good volleyball, so they will cheer for either side.

What other sport could you see yourself playing?

TG: My parents pretty much put me in everything they could when I was growing up from basketball to softball to soccer, but volleyball has always been my favorite and what I was best at.

Why did you choose to play at Saint Mary's?

TG: Well they recruited me, which was a start. I also have a lot of family that live in the area. The campus was gorgeous when I went to visit and I loved all the girls I met in the team, so it all kind of drew me in.

Do you have any favorite subjects that you have taken outside of your major?

TG: Yeah, I actually took a psychology class that I loved. It actually made me think of switching my major to psychology, but I'm going to stick with teaching.