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Interview with Darcy Carroll

Oct. 18, 2007

Another day ends for junior student athlete Darcy Carroll as she comes out of her volleyball practice at 6 o' clock pm all smiling and laughing with her teammates.For her first year as captain, Carroll, who plays as a setter, says that being captain didn't really change her because her position is so that you take on the lead naturally but "it's just nice that they respect me."

This accomplishment was not necessarily predictable for this competitive and perfectionist player who gives everything she has for her team. After two months on crutches last December through February, following a knee surgery, she was not supposed to do anything. "But I didn't want to give up on the team, so I did a lot of strengthening over the summer" says Carroll.

With a pre-season record of 11-5, the team spirit is "surprisingly good even though the pre-season is always long" says Carroll. "We went through rough losses but we had good wins as well" says Carroll. With a total of 16 matches, the pre-season lasts for more than a month which is pretty tiring says Carroll, "so we are now definitely ready and waiting for the West Coast Conference (WCC)."

Waiting, this has been a word that Carroll knows more than what she would have liked to. Starting her freshman year, she had to prove that she could be a starter so she didn't play that much. And then, she soon got injured during her sophomore year. "Even though I played a little my second year, I wasn't really myself so the coaches never really saw me play" says Carroll.

As everything is behind her now, "I just want to play with my full potential" says Carroll. And coming into the WCC she and her team will need her at her best. "Coaches have high expectations for us" says Carroll. And when asked whether they have certain goals in mind, Carroll said that "we haven't made any specific goals, we keep it simple." After a very successful year, finishing fourth in the West Coast Conference tournament and the most wins in the program history, the team is ready to go to the next level "We've worked really hard, we want to be on top" asserts Carroll. "We are always in the middle in the conference but we want to be on top now and show what we can do" says Carroll, whose best memory as a Don is beating Saint Mary's College at home.

When you see them coming out of the lockers screaming and cheering on each other, spending their time together on and off the court, and having such faith in each other, you realize how united they are and that this union can lead them to reach their expectations. "We are really close and have faith in each other. We always hang out together; actually one of the two freshman is one of my best friends" says Carroll while smiling.

Even though you can see their seriousness on the court, they also have their more laid back times. "It's always a lot of fun to be with the team, there is always something new" says Carroll. "I remember one time we watched a YouTube video making fun of volleyball and we starting using it as a quote on the court and laughing at it" Carroll recalls.So, even though being a student-athlete is not always easy, the good parts take over. "The best part in being a student athlete is competing and even though injuries are hard to overcome, it made me stronger" says Carroll.