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WCC Men's Cross Country Update - 10/11/16

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2016 West Coast Conference Men’s Cross Country

Team Invitational Victories: 10
Individual Wins: 5
Top-Five Finishers: 34

WCC Programs in the USTFCCCA Regional Rankings: 5
As of 10/3/16

  1. Portland (West)
  2. BYU (Mountain)
  3. San Francisco (West)
  4. Gonzaga (West)
  5. Saint Mary’s (West) 

WCC Programs in the USTFCCCA National Rankings: 2
As of 10/4/16

  1. BYU
  2. Portland

As of 10/10/16
Team Wins:
Autumn Invitational
Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational
Steve Reeder Invitational 

Individual Wins: 2
Nicholas Montanez (Autumn Invitational- 4 mi 20:11.1)
Rory Linkletter (Steve Reeder Invitational- 8k 28:20.17) 

Top 5 finishes: 10
Nicholas Montanez (1st, Autumn Invitational- 4 mi 20:11.1)
Clayton Young (2nd Autumn Invitational- 4 mi 20:14.7)
Rory Linkletter (3rd Autumn Invitational- 4 mi 20:25.8)
Jonathan Harper (5th Autumn Invitational- 4 mi 20:29.9)
Nicholas Montanez (4th Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational- 8k 23:53.9)
Clayton Young (5th Virginia Panorama Field’s Invitational- 8k 23:55.8)
Brayden McLelland (2nd Steve Reeder Invitational- 8k 28:20.96)
Rory Linkletter (Steve Reeder Invitational- 8k 28:20.17)
Spencer Hanson (3rd Steve Reeder Invitational- 8k 28:22.39)
Nicolas Montanez (4th Steve Reeder Invitational- 8k 28:22.85) 

Misc. impressive stats
3rd ranked team in the nation
2nd ranked in the mountain region 

Team Wins: 3
Clash of Inlands Northwest
Idaho- Gonzaga Dual
Montana Invitational 

Top 5 Finishes: 5
Max Kaderbabek (2nd Clash of Inlands Northwest- 6k 18:36.9)
Scott Kopczynski (5th Clash of Inlands Northwest- 6k 18:44.6)
Max Kaderbabek (2nd Idaho- Gonzaga Dual- 8k 24:52.2)
Scott Kopczynski (3rd Idaho- Gonzaga Dual- 8k 25:00.1)
Max Kaderbabek (2nd Montana Invitational- 8k 25.25.65)
Sumner Goodwin (5th Montana Invitational- 8k 25:52.14) 

Misc Impressive Stats
*Troy Fraley, running unattached, has finished in first place in the three meets so far this season
Clash of Inlands Northwest- 6k 18:23.9
Idaho- Gonzaga Duel- 8k 24:24.9
Montana Invitational- 8k 24:55.55 

Team Wins: 1
Mark Covert Classic 

Top 5 Finishes: 3
Koby Peterson (3rd Mark Covert Classic- 8k 25:18.2)
Jake Polerecky (4th Mark Covert Classic- 8k 25:25.0)
Koby Peterson (3rd WCC Preview- 8k 25:42) 

Team Wins:

Individual Wins: 2
Nick Heath (1st, Pepperdine Invitational- 5k 15:44.04)
Nick Heath (1st, WCC Preview- 8k 25:18) 

Top 5 finishes: 3
Nick Blanchard (4th WCC Preview- 8k 25:45)
Nick Heath (1st, Pepperdine Invitational- 5k 15:44.04)
Nick Heath (1st, WCC Preview- 8k 25:18) 

Misc Impressive Stats
Nick Heath (24:06.5) , Nick Blanchard(24:35.9), Ben Fox (24:47.2) ran the three fastest 8k times in program history at the Capital Cross Challenge. 

Team Wins: 3
John Franks
Roy Griak
Charles Bowles 

Individual Wins: 1
Brady Johnson (Charles Bowles Invitational- 8k 24:15.7)

Top 5 finishes: 10
Logan Orndorf (2nd John Franks- 6k 18:31.5)
Fabian Thomas (3rd John Franks- 6k 18:46.6)
Joe Horen (4th John Franks- 6k 18:47.0)
Logan Orndorf (3rd Dellinger Invitational- 8k 24:43)
Fabian Thomas (5th Dellinger Invitational- 8k 24:52)
Jeff Thies (5th Roy Griak- 8k 25:15)
Brady Johnson (1st, Charles Bowles Invitational- 8k 24:15.7)
Logan Orndorf (2nd Charles Bowles Invitational- 8k 24:15.79)
Joe Horen (3rd Charles Bowles- 8k 24:38.4)
Tomas Fabian (5th Charles Bowles- 8k 24:57.0)

Misc. Impressive Stats
Ranked No. 7 in the nation
Ranked No. 1 on the west coast 

Team Wins:
Speedway Duals 

Individual Wins: 1
Gabe Arias-Sheridan (Speedway Duals- 7.25k 22:41.1) 

Top 5 Finishes: 3
Gabe Arias-Sheridan (1st, Speedway Duals- 7.25k 22:41.1)
Noah McDermott (3rd Speedway Duals- 7.25 k 23:17.4)
Gabe Arias-Sheridan (5th Stanford Invitational- 8k 23:34.6) 

Misc. Impressive Stats
No. 13 ranked team on the west coast  

Team Wins: 0 

Individual Wins: 0

Top 5 Finishes: 1
Alex Short (3rd San Francisco Invitational- 8k 24:25.4)