2005 WCC Basketball Championships



March 3, 2005
1st round

Loyola Marymount Head Coach Julie Wilhoit

On experience last year:

There is value to that, but what I told the team after the game in the locker room is that season prepared us for this first win. It was our growth and our maturity and that process throughout the whole year that allowed us to come here and be confident and play hard together and stick together...That is worth everything.

We are excited to be going into the second round.

On balance of the team:

It is the strength of our team this year.

On different role (in tournament) from last year:

These girls want to win their own championship. Their preparation for the regular season games prepared them for this tournament. Their focus has absolutely been key. Their determination has been essential. The vision is still there for us. They are going after a championship and today's game takes us one step closer.

Loyola Marymount Rachael Ziemann

On expectations:

That year was great, but it is over. We are different.

On this year's team:

You never know what to expect with LMU. We are so deep in our lineup and that is such an advantage. We may lack some consistency, but in a sense that is a good thing because as an opposing team trying to guard us you never know who is going to go off.

On team getting her the ball:

I think it was a team effort today in terms of getting the win. A lot of players stepped up today.

On getting a lead early:

Our goal was to come out strong and set the tone early.

Loyola Marymount Jacquelyn Woods

On getting the ball down low:

We knew we were going to have to step it up. It is nice because you can't just guard one player and we don't have selfish players.

San Diego Head Coach Kathy Marpe


They are a good basketball game. They have the inside and the outside game.



On moving on to next year:

This was a real struggle this year.

San Diego Lindsay Helvey

On losing Amber Spague and being out-rebounded:

Anytime you lose your 6'5' starting center it is going to play a big part. But we need to take responsibility for that.

On moving on to next year:

I am not going to put this behind us. We are going to look back on. I want it to be part of my memory so every time I go back on that court I am looking back and thinking I never want to have this feeling again.

We need to just learn from it.


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