2005 WCC Basketball Championships



March 3, 2005

Gonzaga Head Coach Kelly Graves

On the game:

We struggled. We didn't play well, but I think that is credit to them. Definitely a tale of two halves and I thought in the second half we were a lot more aggressive.

We're a rhythm team. Once we get into a good rhythm offensively, we can be pretty good because we have a lot weapons. We have a lot of kids that move the basketball.

On Jim Sollars:

Jim is a good coach and he really had those kids ready. But I am glad we won.

On going inside in 2nd half:

There was no change in game plan. That is always where we want to get the ball.

On getting 1st win in tournament:

Sometimes it is tough to get the rust off and I think there were a lot of expectations. We struggled early. I am glad it is over and obviously we have a lot of work to do and we have to play better that we did today, especially early.

Gonzaga Shannon Mathews

On coach's second half speech:

He lit a fire with us. He said they were ready to fight. They weren't just going to lie down. He was a little upset with us that we just weren't that focused and confident like we usually are.

On small lead at half:

I was more worried about our play rather than theirs. We were not knocking down shots, we weren't playing as good as a defense as we could, and we were just lacking the intensity that we usually have.

On having tomorrow off:

It is a good thing. A lot of us played a lot of minutes. We will get a good practice in and whoever we play next, we will be able to scout them.

Gonzaga Ashley Burke

On Pilots:

We knew that they were going to be prepared and ready to play.

On coach's halftime speech:

Coach got us refocused and ready to play.

Portland Head Coach Jim Sollars

This really was a year of survival. Not necessarily a building year, but really a year of survival.



On Jamie Medley:

I am very proud of Jamie. She has made huge progress in her time here. She made all-conference this year, and has nine credits to graduate. That is a hell of an accomplishment.

On the team:

I am proud of this group for hanging in there. They got their doors blown off in quite a few games by a significant margin. They really worked hard with trying to understand what we wanted them to do for this game. I thought they did a real good job in the first half.

On Gonzaga:

Gonzaga is very talented and they are just so deep. I applaud them.

On close game at half:

You always have hope, but we were realistic enough to know that they didn't shoot very well in the first half. Anything can happen.

Portland Jamie Medley

On last year's LMU team to this year's GON team:

Gonzaga has more depth than last year's LMU team. As far as their defensive intensity, it doesn't compare to LMU's last year. Gonzaga is intense on defense, but LMU was a great defensive team.

On second half:

We just didn't take over and compensate.


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